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13th Mar, 2017

Easter Quiz in aid of Barnsley Hospital Charity
by Jo Mackfall on March 13, 2017 19:31


Blog » Community projects » Easter post.png


We are hosting a charity quiz on 11th April in aid of Barnsley Hospital Charity. Whilst the event is around Easter, the Charity has asked that we do not collect Easter eggs to donate to the children in their care. They are instead asking supporters to donate other items that they can use for the children who visit the hospital both at Easter and all year round.


The children who come to the ward love Arts and crafts with the wonderful play leaders therefore the type of items that are used on a regular basis are:

  • Colouring Pencils
  • Colouring Books
  • Stickers
  • Foam Shapes
  • Playdoh
  • Decorate your own Money Box/Trinket Box / Photoframe etc

 Other items we need all year round are items such as:

  • Family Film DVD’s
  • Current Chart music CD’s
  • Children’s Nightwear
  • Toddlers Plastic Dinner wear – Plates, cups, baby spoons etc
  • X-Box 360 / PS3 Games – For Ages Under 16 only
  • Washable Sensory Toys
  • Washable Baby Rattles

Children are aged from 0 to 16, so gifts should not be restricted to young children only.


Tickets are now on sale via Eventbrite – book your ticket here.



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15th Feb, 2017

The Chari-Tea Pot (The Big Reveal)
by Beverley Mackfall on February 15, 2017 07:35


By Bev Mackfall, Deputy President 2017

Late in 2016, at Oliver Hyde’s planning meeting for the upcoming year, Senator Richard Grange left a snippet of an idea which blossomed and I grabbed hold of.  Back int’ day, there was a Charity Tea Pot, or Chari-Tea Pot.  This relic would be brought out at socials, pub quizzes, train pub crawls… and raise money while members mingled and got inebriated…!  Each time you bought a drink, you’d pay a little bit of a Tea Pot tax, and donate some change into the Chari-Tea Pot.

With this little bit of an idea, I ran with it.

I bought a small kids tea set, and started trying to paint.  It turns out, I’m not very accurate and detailed when it comes to paint brushes.  I’ve always been something of a perfectionist, and sitting next to Fran with his Wargame miniatures looking awesome, I had to swap to something a little more precise – kebab sticks!

Blog » Community projects » 2017-01-10 19.56.51.jpg

I stabbed away at the tea pot like a tattoo artist (or my assumptions of a tattoo-ist), and tried to encapsulate everything to do with JCI Barnsley on this little canvas.  I wanted to capture some iconic moments that people recognise as US!

Blog » Community projects » 2017-02-14 18.44.57-1.jpg

If you’re playing the “Spot the iconic-ness!” I featured a representation of the Centurion helmet from JCI UK National Conference 2015 hosted by our good selves, a Yorkshire Rose, and a nod to our Annual Train Pub Crawl.  The dots are a homage to the JCI branding colours palette, which we often use to represent the five prongs of JCI – Business, Social, Communiy, International and Training.

So, the Chari-Tea Pot will join us on our travels and events, as it did in days of yore, and be an instrument of charity fundraising.  After the Tea Pot has made an appearance at a number events (perhaps every three events or every three months… there’s no rule, just when there’s a nice amount to donate), we will pick a charity to be the recipient of the Tea Pot Tax collection!  As we do not have a designated one and only charity that JCI Barnsley is supporting this year, I’m swirling the idea that all Barnsley members can nominate a charity to be the recipient, and we’ll draw a name out of Oli’s bowler hat like a raffle at an upcoming Barnsley General Meeting.

So keep your eye out for the Chari-Tea Pot making an appearance at an event in the future!!

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20th Jul, 2016

Meet our Members and Senators! - Tracy Anderson
by Jo Mackfall on July 20, 2016 19:28


JCI is an organisation which means different things to different people, and everyone has their own journey and story. Here on our blog, we intend to share some of these stories. First up, our 2016 Immediate Past President, Tracy Anderson!

Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM.jpg

Q: When did you join and how long have you been a member? 
A: I joined in July 2007 which means I have been a member for 9 years

Q: Membership is a yearly commitment, why did you first renew and why do you continue to renew your membership?
A: JCI offers great opportunities to develop yourself and there is always something new to try to push you outside your comfort zone. I have learnt many skills in JCI, made many friends and had some incredible memories. Why would I not renew my membership! 

Q: What is you favourite JCI memory?
A: In nine years there have been lots of memories and its difficult to name a favorite.  Highlights included gladiators fighting at last year's national awards dinner (which we hosted), attempting to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks in July 2014 in aid of BIADS, walking up snowdon in 2010 for Fun!
Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM yorks peaks.jpg
Q: International is one of the five areas of opportunity - where have you travelled with JCI?
A: JCI Barnsley has a twinned chamber Aberdeen and I have visited them twice. Once for their Industrial awards ceremony, the other last year when they hosted the Scottish National conference. I have attended European conference in Tarragona  (Catalonia) in 2011, Monte Carlo in 2013 (A 30th birthday I will never forget!) Malta in 2014. I attended my one and only World Congress in Leipzig Germany. This list is not complete!
Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM aberdeen.jpg
Thanks Tracy!
If you would like to share your story too, please contact Jo ( for the questions we would like to hear your answers to.

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14th Jul, 2016

Acorn Brewery tour and beer tasting!
by Jo Mackfall on July 14, 2016 20:28


Growing up during the 80s I was obsessed with ‘Eastenders’ – from barrow-boy Pete Beale’s booming calls to “come get yer apples n’ pears” to roaming Roly’s numerous escape attempts from Albert Square (and with Dirty Den as his master who could blame him?), Tuesday and Thursday evenings were spent propped in front of the small screen absorbing every aspect of East End life.  The hub of that community and a large part of the show’s enduring attraction for me was ‘The Queen Vic’ pub, a place where locals gathered for a pint with their mates after work or sank their sorrows after yet another relationship breakdown.  Central to the programme’s appeal was larger-than-life landlady Angie Watts with a grin befitting her surname and a cheery disposition for her customers which helped to shape one of my early career aspirations – imagine my delight when some 30 years’ later (give or take a few years!) I finally got the opportunity to fulfil a childhood dream by pulling my first-ever pint as part of JCI Barnsley’s Acorn Brewery tour!

Blog » Business events » acorn1.jpg

17 members from JCI chambers across the Yorkshire region piled into the brewery plant in Wombwell to learn about the various stages in the brewing process - from selecting the malted barley and flavoured hops right through to fermentation, resulting in the gleaming glass of golden goodness before us.  Paul, our host for the evening, invited us to sample a trio of Acorn’s most popular beers – Barnsley Bitter, Barnsley Gold and Yorkshire Pride – which were arranged on a specially designed mini-bar complete with pumps for thirsty punters to pull their own pints – I needed a little instruction at first but by the end of the session I was an old pro’ and this ‘hands-on’ interactive approach helped to make everyone feel at ease leading up to the main tour and added a personal touch.

Blog » Business events » acorn4.jpg       Blog » Business events » acorn5.jpg

During the tour we explored the facilities crucial to the brewing operation, e.g. the large vats where the beer is fermented, and learned about the production process which results in an impressive 30,000 pints of ale being produced every week!  Acorn’s best-selling beer ‘Barnsley Bitter’ is so popular that it is now being exported to Italy, something which I am very proud of as a supporter of local businesses and I would like to think that Acorn Brewery could make a valuable contribution to the craft ale revolution that is gaining momentum across Europe at the moment.


In addition to their ‘core’ range of beers, Acorn Brewery also work with local businesses and organisations to produce limited edition beers to mark special occasions – ‘Centurion Gold’, the beer of JCI UK National Conference 2015 held in Barnsley, was one of their creations and they have also recently produced ‘Paint It Red’ to celebrate Barnsley Football Club’s success in the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy Final.  We were lucky to be treated to an exclusive viewing of ‘Live In Barnsley’ which was launched that day to coincide with the annual town centre music festival – with a donation of all sales benefitting local charities it is clear that Acorn take their social responsibilities seriously and I was only too happy to buy a couple of bottles to help the cause. 


Overall I felt the tour was well-organised and Paul was a knowledgeable host who engaged easily with his audience, explaining information clearly whilst also providing plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  The pie and pea supper served up afterwards was delicious and devoured by everyone who attended – just the thing to soak up the ale!


Emma Labedzki, 11th July 2016 

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8th Jul, 2016

JCI Barnsley at the Rainbow Dash
by Jo Mackfall on July 8, 2016 17:32


You may have seen that I have started to run a bit! Some say a bit of a running bug.  On Sunday 5th June, The Barnsley Hospital Charity hosted their Rainbow Dash in Locke Park, a 1 lap or 3 lap (5k) run. However this was no ordinary trot around the hilly Locke park. Along the way runners would create a rainbow by running through ‘paint stations,’ Pink, red, orange, green and blue. I decided to give the 5k run ago.

 Now what made this interesting was the fact the blue station was manned by my fellow JCI members and for each lap I would pass them to cover me in a shower of blue.

The day was glorious, the sun was shining. After registering, I managed to track down the volunteers, Jo, Bev, Oli, Lynsey and Henry who were busy setting up the paint stations. They were then given their orders, posed for a ‘before’ photo and headed off to their station. While I on the other hand stayed near the stage hosted by Dearne FM to get warmed up (some more).

Blog » Community projects » 2016-06-05 12.10.11-1.jpg

Both the 1 lap and 3 lap run started at the same time, there was a good turnout with families young and old giving it ago.  The first colour station was the blue one, thankfully it was quite busy going through it this time, they nearly missed me!!! Jo was volunteering at the drinks station and I was glad of a bit of rest (and drink) when I got to her. At the end of the first lap instead of crossing the line, we had to run through the orange station and they got me good, I had been tangoed!! It wasn’t until the third lap my fellow jaycee’s decided to give it all they’ve got to the lonely target coming through!

Blog » Community projects » 2016-06-05 20.06.36.jpgBlog » Community projects » 2016-06-08 21.26.10.jpg

Once completed the run, I picked up my finishers bag and headed off back to the smurf’s to cool down. They were joined by Charlotte from JCI Rotherham who had kindly brought us all ice cream.


The day was a lot of fun, running was just as much fun as volunteering!


Tracy Anderson, JCI Barnsley Immediate Past President

Blog » Community projects » 2016-06-05 18.51.05.jpg

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11th Jun, 2016

Volunteering in your community
by Jo Mackfall on June 11, 2016 18:35


Blog » Community projects » Why-volunteer-word-cloud2.jpg

Volunteering is choosing to spend time doing something for the benefit of others, or for society or the environment, without being paid to do it. It is a large aspect of the work JCI members do in their community and it seems appropriate therefore, whilst in the middle of the National ‘Volunteer’s Week’  , to share ways in which our members can support our chosen charities in a voluntary manner.

Blog » Community projects » Volunteers-Week-logo.png


Two charities we are suppporting this year are Barnsley Independent Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support (BIADS) and Barnsley Churches Drop-in Project (BCDP). Both charities support the Barnsley public and I often see posts on their respective Facebook pages asking for volunteers to help at their befriending/drop in sessions. If you are interested in helping out for even just a few hours a week, I am sure you would be welcomed with open arms. I would encourage any interested person to get in touch with the charities for more information.

Blog » Community projects » ACE banner.jpg


Here in JCI UK we want to reward those members who go that little bit further and get actively involved in their local community.  As a result we recognise members for their level of community involvement through the community hour’s project.  

What do I have to do?

  • It is very simple - all you have to do is volunteer in your local community and record your hours  
  • Keep a record of the number of hours you volunteer and log them on our JCI UK Community form 
  • Keep your local community director or Chamber up to date with your progress
  • Send your volunteering stories and photos to the JCI UK National Community Director Katie Jackson ( 
  • Wait to be recognised! 

We look forward to hearing your volunteering stories!


Jo Mackfall

JCI Barnsley President

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8th Jun, 2016

We want your unwanted clothes and possessions!
by Jo Mackfall on June 8, 2016 19:13


Banners » Community Web.jpgbiads logo.jpg


One of the two charities we are supporting this year through our fundraising efforts is BIADS, Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Support. BIADS used to have a lovely shop in The Arcade in Barnsley, however it has recently closed and a valuable fundraising revenue has been lost.


We are therefore organising a clothes and possession collection, which we will then cash in with will convert the weight of goods into cash, and we will then donate these funds received to BIADS.


Perhaps you have been planning to do a wardrobe clear out in readiness for changing from winter to summer wear, or maybe you are preparing for a house move and decluttering in the process. Now is the time to have a good sort out, and raise money for a really worthwhile charity in the process.


Full details of what we can/can't accept (taken from website guidelines):



  • New designer clothes with or without tags (including children's over 2 years)
  • New high street clothes with or without tags (including children's over 2 years)
  • New non high steet or designer clothes with or without tags (including children's over 2 years)
  • New shoes and trainers with or without tags
  • New bags, belts and soft toys


CDs and DVDs

  • No counterfeits or fakes
  • Original undamaged case 
  • No blank CDs or DVDs
  • All items in good condition



  • Clean and lightly worn used clothes (including children's over 2 years)
  • Good quality paired and used shoes
  • Good quality used bags
  • Good quality used soft toys
  • Good quality used belts

Not accepted:

  • Dirty, Stained, Ripped clothes
  • Faded,Worn out,Bobbled clothes
  • Old fashioned clothes/vintage clothes
  • Dressing gowns
  • Towels
  • Bedding (sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers)
  • Single shoes
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Children's clothing under 2 years old
  • Baby grow/romper suits
  • Children's school uniforms
  • Work uniforms
  • Wet/damp clothes
  • Books
  • Bric a Brac
  • Soft furnishings such as curtains, cushions
  • Plastic toys


Please contact our President, Jo Mackfall by email, to arrange collection/drop off.



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30th Mar, 2016

JCI World President Paschal Dike visited the UK
by Jo Mackfall on March 30, 2016 21:10


Last week the JCI World President Paschal Dike visited members across JCI UK, and JCI Barnsley members were lucky enough to take part in a Q&A and panel discussion session organised by our neighbours in JCI Sheffield on Thursday evening. We heard inspiring stories about President Dike’s JCI career, as well as the reason behind his #JustAct and #PeaceisPossible campaigns. Questions from the audience included asking at what point in his JCI career did he consider the role of World President, if the price of international conferences can be lowered, and what one action would he advise all members to take going forward. President Dike gave the members of the audience a lot of food for thought and inspired us all to #JustAct in our communities.

Blog » Other chambers events » President Dike addressing the roomBlog » Other chambers events » Paschal Dike, Ben Hawley and Sarah Beckwith

Our President, Jo Mackfall, then joined President Dike, National President Sarah Beckwith, members of the JCI UK National Board, senators and JCI Sheffield members for breakfast on Friday where we continued the discussions in a more informal setting. Luckily the sun was on our side and we had the opportunity of taking photographs with President Dike in front of the fountains in Peace Gardens, a very appropriate ending to the visit.

Blog » Other chambers events » Peace is PossibleBlog » Other chambers events » March WP5.jpg

On behalf of JCI Barnsley, I would personally like to thank JCI UK National President Sarah Beckwith for organising President Dike’s visit and to JCI Sheffield President Gareth Carson for organising the ‘Meet the World President’ event.


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18th Sep, 2015

September Presidents Welcome
by Leanne Bolan on September 18, 2015 09:27


September is upon us which means it's only a few months until the JCI UK National Conference, hosted in Barnsley on 20th- 22nd November at the Holiday Inn Dodworth!

I can assure you the team behind it is working hard to make it a conference to remember. We're holding a free business day on the Friday for JCI members and local businesses. We have lined up key note speakers, a question and answer session with business leaders, workshops, a trade show and speed networking at this event.

It's going to be a brilliant event so please book your weekend package for £150, just attend the JCI UK National Awards Gala Dinner for £65 or your free business day place at . If you are interested in a trade stand on the Friday or even sponsoring this event please contact Ben Hawley at

In August we held the annual train pub crawl and a 'shine' at the driving range. Both were really well attended events and great fun! We also braved the rain on the Bank Holiday at Cannon Hall's Food Festival.

September is packed full of events and is a great chance to come and meet us. We will be leaning how to crochet, socialising at a pub quiz, and learning how to get over procrastination. We will also be in the Alhambra Shopping Centre on Saturday 26th September biking a target of 100 miles for our charity of the year Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Society.  

Tracy Anderson

JCI Barnsley President 2015


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12th Sep, 2015

JCI UK Magazine
by Leanne Bolan on September 12, 2015 12:27


2015 is proving to be a great year for JCI Barnsley and we have lots planned to make sure it stays that way!

So far we have helped our community by planting trees with Voluntary Action Barnsley to improve the acreage of our town and thrown blue powder paint at the Barnsley Hospital Charity Rainbow Run (congratulations to President Tracy Anderson and Community Director Kathryn Brookes on completing the 1K!).

In June we hosted The Great BIADS Bake off, this involved baking birthday themed cakes, as BIADS turned five, and selling them at Barnsley Sunday market. All proceeds went to BIADS (Barnsley Independent Alzheimer's and Dementia Support) as our charity of 2015. Also in June we joined BIADS in their annual walk to celebrate the lives of people who are or have been affected by dementia and walked in the mayors parade to raise awareness of both BIADS and JCI.

Even though we have completed lots of community work this year we have been busy with training opportunities and keeping up the JCI Barnsley reputation of putting on a great social! Training sessions have included tips and advice on; time management, optimising social media, neuro-lingustic programming, extempore and an open mic session.

Socials have included; pub quizzes, watching a basketball match and the Tour de Yorkshire and competing against JCI Rotherham at the Ashes Challenge. In April 7 members and 2 senators had a great time at the JCI Scotland National Conference hosted by our twins, JCI Aberdeen.

See you in November when Barnsley host the 2015 JCI UK National Conference and celebrate the JCI movement becoming 100!

You can read all of The National here.


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