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20th Jul, 2016

Meet our Members and Senators! - Tracy Anderson
by Jo Mackfall on July 20, 2016 19:28


JCI is an organisation which means different things to different people, and everyone has their own journey and story. Here on our blog, we intend to share some of these stories. First up, our 2016 Immediate Past President, Tracy Anderson!

Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM.jpg

Q: When did you join and how long have you been a member? 
A: I joined in July 2007 which means I have been a member for 9 years

Q: Membership is a yearly commitment, why did you first renew and why do you continue to renew your membership?
A: JCI offers great opportunities to develop yourself and there is always something new to try to push you outside your comfort zone. I have learnt many skills in JCI, made many friends and had some incredible memories. Why would I not renew my membership! 

Q: What is you favourite JCI memory?
A: In nine years there have been lots of memories and its difficult to name a favorite.  Highlights included gladiators fighting at last year's national awards dinner (which we hosted), attempting to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks in July 2014 in aid of BIADS, walking up snowdon in 2010 for Fun!
Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM yorks peaks.jpg
Q: International is one of the five areas of opportunity - where have you travelled with JCI?
A: JCI Barnsley has a twinned chamber Aberdeen and I have visited them twice. Once for their Industrial awards ceremony, the other last year when they hosted the Scottish National conference. I have attended European conference in Tarragona  (Catalonia) in 2011, Monte Carlo in 2013 (A 30th birthday I will never forget!) Malta in 2014. I attended my one and only World Congress in Leipzig Germany. This list is not complete!
Meet Our Members » Tracy MOM aberdeen.jpg
Thanks Tracy!
If you would like to share your story too, please contact Jo ( for the questions we would like to hear your answers to.

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11th Mar, 2014

Following a First Year's Membership
by Kathryn Brookes on March 11, 2014 20:48


So I've been part of JCI Barnsley for a whole year and I can definitely say I've had some of the worse hangovers I've ever had, and I went to University! On a serious note, my first year has been action packed all the way. I have made some great friends and got lots of fun and interesting memories. This year my aim is to push myself to meet more people from around the country and even the world and get more involved in my chambers events and attend more events hosted by other chambers too.

Blog » Radio.jpg
Jenny hosting 2013's JCI Barnsley Radio Show with Oliver Hyde

I have started off the year pretty well, by winning the Bernard Walkden Award for Most Outstanding Contribution to the Community, an award I am very honoured and grateful to be given. I also got to meet some of the members from our twin chamber Aberdeen at our Annual Dinner in January. I visited Aberdeen earlier this month for their Grampian Dinner and I'm also hoping to save my pennies and get to World Congress in Leipzig, Germany, in November. Thanks to some great selling at my first national event (Inspiration Day) I'm also thinking about going to JCI Leap Academy later on in the year! Although I did get involved last year, I'm hoping that this year I'm going to play my part even more.

Jenny Storey

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14th Feb, 2014

A new members insight
by Kathryn Brookes on February 14, 2014 21:31


I joined JCI Barnsley in September last year, after attending a new member’s evening. The friendly nature of the members I met on the night motivated me to join. Since then, I've been involved with several different activities. I had my first experience of playing dodgeball, which was fun but terrifying, and left me feeling very sore the next day! I also helped out at the charity swimathon, encouraging people to get involved and give generously. 

The Shine events have taught me many new skills, including how to be a better leader and how to communicate more effectively. Social activities such as the retro games night brought back many memories, whilst also helping me get to know other members better. 

Zoe enjoying a game of Guess Who?
Zoe reminiscing at the Retro Games night 

The highlight of my membership so far has been the annual dinner. The food was wonderful and the decor was spectacular, especially the black and white themed sweet table! I re-learnt many long-forgotten dance moves, I got to meet members I hadn't met before and overall I had a really good night. I’m looking forward to being involved with JCI Barnsley next year; I hope to grow more as an individual, as well as making even more friends in the process.

Zoe Marshall
New Member, 2013 

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8th Sep, 2013

JCI Barnsley through the eyes of a Past President
by Charlie Pearson on September 8, 2013 08:55



Hopefully this might provide a little bit of inspiration if nothing else, and it's really just an insight into what I've done while I've been involved in Chamber life.

Nigel joined Barnsley Junior Chamber in 1992.  By the time I joined in 1994 we had two young daughters aged 7 and 4 years old, but despite that, and full time work, we did spend almost the entire rest of any spare time we had enveloped in Chamber activities.  We've both been Presidents of our what is now JCI Barnsley (in 1997 and 1999), Nigel was the Treasurer for about 15 years, and for many years we were joint editors of the local magazine the Barnsley Banter which at its peak, was an 8-page A4 colour printed monthly publication; I was on the National Board one year, and we were on the organising committee of various local and regional business network events and personal development training courses.  We have attended regional and national events all over the country, as far south as Jersey, north as far as Durham, west as far as Londonderry and east as far as Holland (via Hull).  All of those events had elements of training, business focus, personal development and LOTs of socialising.  We have made a lot of friends in Chamber over those 20 years, some of whom are still on our Christmas card list, and others who we meet up with year in year out at the Annual Dinner.

Blog » Regional Awards Dinner » Group shot regional awards 2012.JPG

Membership in Junior Chamber has provided so many opportunities for us, and we've made the most of it.  One of the most important things I've been able to take away from my Chamber career was the confidence I gained doing the various different things.  I would NEVER have dreamt of standing up 14 years ago in front of an audience of over 150 people, giving my Presidential speech at the end of my year.  My knees knocked and my hands shook throughout the 20 minutes or so, but I went and sat down a very proud lady for what I had achieved. 

You can be a member of Junior Chamber between 18 - 40 years but you can still stay involved for a lot longer than that.  When Nigel and I each turned 40 years old we both thought we would be far less involved in Chamber life due to what is commonly known as "ageing out".  However, in September 2000 Nigel and I were made Senators of JCI, which gives us lifetime membership of this organisation.  This is the highest recognition given to members who are regarded as having done a whole heap of things, which it is fair to say we had done, but it is also fair to say we've hung up our boots to let the younger generation get on with things in their own way.

This is just a little insight into what the possibilities are of being a member of JCI, its just up to you to go and get it.  The next generation of members of JCI Barnsley is doing a brilliant job so far, and look set for a very prosperous future.  Remember the 4 year old daughter I mentioned at the top of this piece?  Well she's one of this year's new recruits to JCI Barnsley and has got stuck in herself and is now embracing all things JCI.

Laura Mackfall

JCI Barnsley Past President and Senator 


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30th Aug, 2013

Two years as a JCI Barnsley Member
by Charlie Pearson on August 30, 2013 16:02


It was a little less than 2 years ago when someone first mentioned JCI to me. At the time I had never heard of JCI and so I was naturally unsure about what I would find when I first contacted JCI Barnsley to register an interest. Luckily I was greeted by a friendly and welcoming team who were all keen to tell me about the journeys they had been on with JCI, along with their experiences, lasting memories and how they had all benefitted from participating.

I was lucky enough to start my JCI life close to the launch of the 2012 Personal Development Programme in Barnsley, which went on to win both a National and European award for being the best growth and development programme in 2012. One course was held per month at the modern Digital Media Centre in Barnsley and I found myself benefiting in one way or another from each event. I was able to learn more about and improve key skills that are needed to be successful in the work place such as confidence, networking and public speaking. All courses were delivered in a relaxed manner where participation was encouraged, and points could easily be transferred from the classroom to a role at work. Within a matter of months I found myself giving presentations at work which is something that I would have feared before taking part in this programme!

I have found myself joining the JCI Barnsley council team as both Finance Director and Social Director which has given me the chance to organize events for others. We appreciate that our members put a lot of time into development and networking, and so our social events offer the opportunity to relax and get to know people on a personal level too. One of the advantages of JCI is that one week you can find yourself learning about leadership techniques before applying it in the workplace, and then rather rapidly developing teamwork skills as part of our dodgeball team or joining us for a game of laser tag against other JCI chambers!

Blog » Social events » Sledging at Xscape

In conclusion my 2 years so far as a JCI member have lived up to the stories I was told when I first spoke to members back in 2011, and I will always be grateful of the opportunities JCI has given to me.

Ian Bragger, JCI Barnsley Finance and Social Director


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23rd Sep, 2012

JCI Barnsley, an Action-Packed Summer!
by Gemma Nicole Fletcher on September 23, 2012 20:27


The summer has certainly been a busy one, even with half a cricket season lost to the rain! The last two weeks of July was packed with JCI events. It all started with the JCI Barnsley triathlon on one of the hottest days of the year which included one of our new found Chamber activities of laser quest, training is already underway for next year's event!

We then had the perfect insight into networking with Brian Butcher's P.D. course, one which everyone in the room will have learned from. The month finished with something I never envisaged myself doing with JCI, and that was being a guest with 3 other members on our very own Jodie's radio show. This certainly was a fun and different way of spreading the word of JCI Barnsley and our community project (Yorkshire's Hidden Heroes) all over the world!

Not only did August bring the Olympics, but a JCI Yorkshire battle for The Wharfedale Quiz which was duly won by one of our two teams, with our second team only a small margin behind. Our members will be doing their "swatting up" all winter to ensure the title is defended next year!

Amongst all the JCI events I have somehow found time to train for my greatest challenge yet, which is to attempt a marathon for the first time - the streets of Chester won't know what will hit them on Sunday 7th October, and neither do I! With a dodgy ankle I have somehow got myself up to 22 miles, as they say we will leave the rest to the theory of "It'll be alright on the night". Having made a trip to London to see the Paralympics I have been inspired (and hopefully the Olympic Committee have been with our own triathlon - watch out for it in Brazil). My attempt will be in aid of JCI Barnsley's nominated 2012 charity - Help for Heroes. Those of you wishing to donate to put me through the pain barrier can do by visiting September started with a night at The Lamproom Theatre to see The Last Laugh Comedy Club with Toby Foster - a great warm up to the up and coming Vicious Circle Dinner! I have no doubt the next few months will be as good as the last few.

By Ian Bragger, Finance Director

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15th Jul, 2012

Meet Our Deputy President- Charlie Pearson
by Gemma Nicole Fletcher on July 15, 2012 17:22


Meet one of our newest members and Deputy President, Charlie Pearson.

Why did you join JCI Barnsley?

After finishing university and going to America I have friends all over the country and world but not many of them seem to be in Barnsley! That combined with a few personal problems over the last few years seem to have taken a toll on my confidence and that is something I need what trying to start a business.

What are you looking for out of membership of JCI?

I'm hoping to meet loads of new people and build up my confidence and get involved as much as I can.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

In my spare time I love to read or I go to a karate class two to three times a week.

Meet Our Members » Deputy President

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12th Apr, 2012

Meet new 2012 member Ben Hawley
by Kirstie Barnett on April 12, 2012 22:23


Meet one of our 2012 new members, Ben Hawley

Ben Hawley.jpg


Ben Hawley


Business Owner focusing on Mobile Advertising

Why did you join JCI Barnsley? 

To meet new people and also with the aim of increasing the social groups I'm part of.

What are you looking for out of your membership of JCI Barnsley?

Hope to make some good friendships in both business and my personal life and become a part of a group where the people have similar values, goals and ambitions.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I play guitar, I enjoy going for long walks, I'm amateur photographer and I also SCUBA dive but I've not had much chance to do this recently.



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11th Apr, 2012

Meet 2012 new member Sarah Miller
by Kirstie Barnett on April 11, 2012 12:19


Meet one of our 2012 new members, Sarah Miller

Meet Our Members » Sarah Miller.jpg


Finance and Administrator at Gateway Plaza Ltd. 

Why did you join JCI Barnsley? 

To improve on networking and personal skills, as a patron it also improves the quality of our own business.

What are you looking for out of your membership of JCI Barnsley?

I wish to meet new people, improve my skills in areas I don't know much about and also progress my personal and business skills.

What do you get up to in your spare time?

I enjoy listening to music, reading, and I attend the local gym (try for two or three times a week). I also love to meet up with all my friends.



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25th Mar, 2012

Meet JCI Barnsley Senator Nigel Wilkinson
by Gemma Nicole Fletcher on March 25, 2012 16:21


Meet JCI Barnsley Senator Nigel Wilkinson...

Meet Our Members » JCI Barnsley Senator Nigel Wilkinson and 2011 President of JCI Portsmouth, Paul ThwaiteWhat made you join JCI?

I had just returned to Barnsley after doing my degree and was keen to make new friends and develop myself. My father had been a member in the 60's and gave me the impression if I wanted to get on I need to join Junior Chamber. I hate to admit it but he was probably right!

What does it mean to be a JCI Senator?

Senators are JCI members or past members who have been very active in the organisation, usually regionally and/or nationally, as well as locally. The award of a Senatorship conveys life membership of the JCI worldwide organisation. So it looks like I could be around for a while longer!

How has JCI Barnsley changed since you were a member?

When I first joined aged 22 the average membership were professionals, like accountants, lawyers, bankers etc aged mid 30's and unfortunately nearly all men.

What is your favourite JCI memory?

I have lots of JCI memories but my favourite has to be when I got my Senatorship. It was at Granada TV studios, presented by Rita Sullivan and Ken Barlow from Coronation Street, in front of over 600 people.


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