Local projects in Barnsley

Here you can read more about the latest local projects we've run at JCI Barnsley. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about and get involved with the future business, community and social projects we're planning.

JCI Barnsley: Open Mic Night

This is a training session where we allow members to take the mic and come up with their own training presentation with a learning objective. Members can talk about any subject they want for approximately 10 minutes. The presentations can be aided with power-points. The session we ran in 2014 attracted members from around the region. The topics members presented were Twitter, how social media is changing our lives, JCI, Dropbox, tips on how to save tax, fencing and eulogy to name just a few. Take a look at Peter Wright from Digital Law's presentation for a taster.


The Vicious Circle

The vicious circle is a public speaking competition run by JCI Barnsley every year. The speakers are given a topic to base their speech around and the purpose of the speech is to mock and poke fun at their fellow speaker and guests. The speakers normally do there speech after a meal. The Winner of the competition is voted on by the audience. The speakers at the Vicious Circle are usually, the Regional Group Chairman, the winner of the Not so Vicious Circle, the previous year's winner and one wild card.
The Not so Vicious circle is the preliminary round which is historically just for JCI Barnsley's members, and they then qualify to speak at the Vicious Circle.
Both events are usually a fun filled evening, a highlight in many member's diaries.

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Bake off's

Who doesn't like to eat cake? In JCI Barnsley we don't just eat it, but we bake too. In 2014, we held a Great Barnsley Bake off and sold our bake goods to the local community at Sunday Market. Our proceeds go to a local charity. This year we will be holding the Great BIADS Birthday Bake off as our Charity of the Year celebrates there 5th Birthday.

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