JCI World President Visits the UK! How many pillows can you fit in a Toyota Yaris?

JCI World President Visits the UK! How many pillows can you fit in a Toyota Yaris?

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As a JCI member you never quite know what new experiences await you as you set off for an event… and last Friday night was no different!

Gemma, Charlie and I set off for Sheffield with expectations of meeting the World President, Bertolt Daems, supporting the Archer Project and watching some off the cuff public speaking (known as Extempore in JCI).

Blog » International events » Gemma Fletcher and Charlie Pearson in the back of a Toyota Yaris

We got much more than we bargained for though! Our first task was to deliver pillows and blankets donated by the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria to the Archer Project. Squeezing ourselves and numerous bags of bedding into a little car, then trying to work out the best way to the cathedral, kicked off the night with plenty of giggles.

Once we arrived at the Archer Project we learned more about the fantastic work they do with homeless and vulnerable people in the city. To support the Archer Project, we all wore our favourite winter headwear for ‘Woolly Hat Day’, an event to raise funds and awareness for the project.

After an address from the World President and some cracking pie and peas, the Extempore event kicked off to a flying start with our very own Charlie being drawn second to compete. New member Charlie hadn’t even heard of this public speaking competition before, but she did us proud and gave a great performance talking about her unusual pets!

After a spot of catching up with old friends and meeting new members, we headed for home full of enthusiasm for the organisation and the opportunities it gives us to make a difference.

P.S. If you’re interested, we had to stop at 33 pillows, 5 blankets, 3 Barnsley members and the Immediate Past National President!

Blog » International events » Gemma Fletcher carrying pillows for the Archer Project

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