Is Conscience the new Conscious? Why Being Good is Good for Business.

Is Conscience the new Conscious? Why Being Good is Good for Business.

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Savvy business leaders have always known the key to success is tapping in to social consciousness. Occasionally this may entail finding a great product or service that people are looking for. More often than not, it means creating a desire for things we never knew we wanted until everybody else decided they did.

For the past five decades we’ve seen a progressive shift towards consumerism – disposable, replaceable goods and services we swap at the drop of a hat on the promise we’ll save something – face and cash topping the list, usually in that order.
Now we’ve hit bad times and they’re not just financial.

People are sick to death of being hounded to change things. Utility suppliers, sofas, the places we shop, the soap we use…the list’s never ending. We’re tired of being sold to, and the main reason why, is the motive behind it. We just don’t want continuous disruption to our already very busy lives when all we’re really doing is pouring more cash into the pockets of faceless multibillion pound corporations that do nothing to share their wealth with the people who actually need it, or help solve problems affecting our worlds. For every bargain someone somewhere seems to get shafted.

Predictably, major businesses spotted this growing frustration in time to change tack. To be expected really, they can afford to invest obscene amounts on market research and public relations. They’ve done what made sense, adapting their brand identities to take the roles of caring, sharing organisations. And its a good job they did. Those that didn’t found themselves sinking.
So what about the small business owner or new entrepreneur? How do they tap into the schools of thought of our vast social consciousness? Their first challenges have to be the limited time and cash resources they have available to spend on market research, marketing and PR. A close second then being the tighter profit margins they have to live on…they have to leave less scope to spread whatever wealth they hope to accrue.

That’s why JCI Barnsley have recruited the help of Brand expert Kate Senter to help all business owners, leaders, new starters and entrepreneurs, large or small, find ways to ensure their businesses are giving enough to up the takings! JCI are hosting this incredible training opportunity at UCB on Thursday 18th October 7.30-9pm. Tickets are FREE for all JCI members, and just £10 for non members. Limited Spaces available so BOOK NOW at .

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