Past Presidents Dinner

Past Presidents Dinner

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Saturday 22nd June saw the return of the Past Presidents Dinner, the last one to be held in Barnsley was over 9 years ago so it was about time we got them all together in one place! There was a lot of ‘in my day’ or ‘what we did was’ as we celebrated our past and the people that had shaped it. 

Sadly not all of our Past Presidents could make it, some are no longer with us, some are in ill health and some had prior commitments all of which is understandable given how many there are! We did however end up with 14 joining us on the day, best wishes from 8 more (we will hopefully see them joining us next year) and archive information sent by 10 others. The earliest President we had in attendance was from 1965 with information sent from our 1957 President which overed the founding of JCI Barnsley! 

Now when I started the archive project I was told all I would have to do was ask and everyone would be more than happy to dig stuff out of their JCI files but I don’t think I had prepared myself for just how much stuff 60 Presidents had collectively kept in their lofts or space rooms! Let’s just say thanks to them the archive files are now looking A LOT healthier! Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and get through as much as I can get get the originals back the their rightful owners. Then the team and I are going to look at different ways we can get all this info online for everyone to see! More details to follow when we have it! The archive project and whatever we make out of it will be dedicated to all our Past Presidents especially the ones who passed away. 

The night it’s self was a massive success and well worth me stressing out! We had speeches from Geoffrey Leighton who gave us an idea of what the chamber was like long before some of us were born and Sarah Whittle gave us an over view of the chamber 40 years  in as it elected its first female President. With me finishing off giving them an idea of JCI Barnsley today. 



I have been really touched by the comments and emails I have received since and I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the night, hopefully this will now be an annual event that will fall to the IPP. 

We wouldn’t have been able to do anything we have done without all of them laying the ground work for us and it was an absolute pleasure to tell them all how much all the team appreciate them. 

Of course celebrations, drinks and reminiscing went on well into the night, with ‘the usual old farts’ amount the last to leave and a few painful heads the next day! 

Here’s to next years!  We might just need a system for taking a photo so we don’t have to do it twice! 

Oh and this years European Award is officially JCI Barnsley’s only European Award, bring on world! 


Charlie Pearson 

JCI Barnsley 2013 President 

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