My first attempt at Extempore

My first attempt at Extempore

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I’ve been a JCI Member for over 5 years, I’ve always shied away from public speaking. The most terrifying for me is extempore. Extempore is off the cuff speaking. I’ve enjoyed many extempore competitions at National conventions in the past but as a spectator.

When Charlie announced there would be extempore training at this month’s networking event at The old Number 7, I can honestly say I nearly cancelled my place. But with most JCI training there would be a familiar face doing the session, we had the delightful Kate Senter, the deputy national president.

The evening started with a Stawberry beer (Dutch courage) and a little networking. Then we were asked to take our seats for the training. Kate explained how it would work and that she would like us all to have a go. I wasn’t on my own, there were some more first timers in the room.

Kate had box of objects, the speaker would have a take an object (without looking), have 15 seconds to think, then speak to the audience for 2 mins.

Oli went first, a bit of an expert when it comes to being creative and did a brilliant example of how it worked. I went next, I picked up a cable. 15 second thinking time began. I have to say I spent most of that working out what kind of cable it was instead of thinking about something to say. The 2 minutes did seem a long time and I definitely ran out of things to say about the cable but I’m glad I gave it a go.

On reflection, having seen other people do their 2 mins, I now see the technique involved. The story tellers definitely managed to fill their 2 minutes perfectly.

 Blog » Yorkshire Regional events » Kirsty Arnold .jpg Blog » Yorkshire Regional events » Peter Wright.jpg

Kirsty Arnold and Peter Wright at their attempts at extempore.

After the one object round, they get harder. Instead of an object you get given a place, person and object and you have to mention them all. The final round is when you are given a quote. I’m glad I spoke in the first round.

The evening was great fun, and everyone did their 2 minutes even the non members in the room. JCI Barnsley are now ready for the regional extempore competition on the 28th August in Sheffield.

Either give it and go and see how you do, or turn up and be a spectator. For more details on this event visit .

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