What’s in a box?

What’s in a box?

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Shelterbox provide emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families who are affected by disasters, at the time when they need it most. In 12 years ShelterBox have responded to over 200 natural or manmade disasters in almost 90 different countries and provided lifesaving aid for well over one million people.

ShelterBox keep a broad range of equipment in stock so we can adapt the contents of aid we deliver depending on the nature and location of the disaster. The contents of the box may vary but each box typically contains:

At the heart of every ShelterBox is a disaster relief tent for a large family. The tent has been custom designed to withstand extreme temperatures, intense UV light, high winds and heavy rainfall. Each tent has partitions that allow families to divide the space in a way that suits them best.

Children affected by disasters have often been subjected to high levels of trauma. Their worlds are turned upside down and their day-to-day lives changed irrevocably. The ShelterBox contain small gifts for children to help restore a sense of normality. The children’s activity packs provided contain drawing books, crayons and pens. For children who have lost all their possessions, these simple items become treasures.

Fleece blankets and insulating groundsheets are provided; simple ShelterBox solutions that make a tent much more than just a shelter.

The ShelterBox contains the tools a family needs to take the first steps on the road to recovery. The tool kit provided contains a hammer, axe, saw, hoe head, pliers and wire cutters. These items enable a family to improve their immediate environment and, when possible, begin repairing and rebuilding the home they were forced to leave.

A key piece of equipment delivered in the ShelterBox is either a wood or multi-fuel burning stove. The aim is for shelters to become homes and a stove is integral to any home. It is where water is boiled, food is cooked and families gather. Alongside the stove we provide pots, pans, cooking utensils, bowls and mugs.

ShelterBox work to the needs relayed back to them from the field and are able to send specific stand-alone items should they be requested.

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